AdvancED Survey for 2015-2016


Advance Ed Survey Summary For 2015-2016

Wilson County Schools are undergoing an accreditation process this year.  During the month of August and September Advance Ed surveys were conducted to find out the strengths and weaknesses of New Hope Elementary as we seek to involve all stakeholders.  Below is a synopsis of the strengths and weaknesses as noted within the Stakeholder Feedback Diagnostic that will further support New Hope's efforts to continue to build upon strengthening our total school program.

Student Survey-The highest level of satisfaction or approval were indicators 3.6(Teachers implement the school's instructional process in support of student learning), 4.4(Students and school personnel use a range of media and information resources to support the school's educational program), and 5.4(The school engages in a continuous process to determine verifiable improvement in student learning, including readiness and success at the next level). Their overall Linkert Averages were 4.95. Teachers at New Hope plan within PLC's and utilize student informative data results and varied resource tools to ultimately prepare students to be successful and ready for career and/or college success.


Parent Survey-- According to the results of the survey, the highest levels of satisfaction/approval are in the following areas: School Vision, Purpose, Goals, and Expectations for student achievement; Communication with - and involvement of - all stakeholders; environmental safety within our school setting; and highly qualified teachers


Staff Survey-The overall highest level of satisfaction for the staff survey was Standard 3-"Teaching and Assessing for Learning, Indicator 3.1 with a Likert Average of 4.46. The indicator statements was " All teachers in our school monitor and adjust curriculum, instruction, and assessment based on data from student assessments and examination of professional practice." Standard 2 under "Governing and Leadership" received an equally high Likert Average of 4.44. The indicator statement was "Our school leaders expect staff members to hold all students to high academic standards. Equally strong under Standard 2 "Governing and Leadership" was indicator statement "Our school's purpose statement is clearly focused on student success with a Likert Average of 4.39.


At New Hope Elementary School, all staff members encourage students on a daily basis to do their very best work every day in all areas from academics to social skills. It is our goal to prepare our students to be the very best they can be in all that they do.


The overall weaknesses noted within the surveys were as follows:


Student Survey

It is our goal to prepare our students to be the very best they can be in all that they do. However, the Student Survey results reveal that our lowest indicator was as stated below:


My teacher invites my family to school activities. (4.20 on a 5.0 scale)

In today's readily accessible technological world, many parents have asked for teachers and the school to communicate with them via text messages, e-mail, Remind app, and/or social media in lieu of paper copies. Parents have reported the paper copies don't always make it to their hands in a timely manner, if at all. Using the technology that we all use every day, teachers are able to send parents updates about how their child is doing in school, school activities, and upcoming important dates. Unfortunately, this preference of communication by parents does eliminate the act of students seeing teachers communicating with parents on a regular basis.


Parent Survey-The lowest areas were the following:


Relevance between what is being taught and the child understanding how it relates to him/her; perception that teachers do not keep parents regularly informed as to how their child is being graded; availability of up-to-date technology to assist in instruction/learning; and adequate access to individualized instruction.


Staff Survey-For staff the overall lowest level was Indicator 4.4. The technology infrastructure that supports the school's teaching, learning, and operational needs.  However instructional time as emphasized in the staff survey for standard 4 was noted.