School Improvement Plan

New Hope Elementary School~ School Improvement Plan- Priority Outcome Summary

Strategic Priority 1: Every New Hope student receives a personalized education in order to graduate from high school prepared for work, further education and citizenship

Strategic Priority Team Leader:
Anne Blackmon
Tammy Dixon
Janie Hall
Joanne Jackson

Outcome 1.3 Prepare students for annual academic growth from elementary through high school

Goal 1: Increase the percentage of students showing growth and proficiency in K-5 Reading by one academic year and beyond
Goal 2: Increase the percentages of students showing growth in K-5 Math according to EOG's and Benchmark Assessments
Goal 3: To support student academic growth while providing programs that will meet the needs of a wide range of learners
Goal 4: Increase the percentage of fifth graders showing growth and being proficient on Science EOGs across all subgroups

Data Points:
End of grade assessments
Read to Achieve Passages

Strategic Priority 2: Every New Hope student, everyday has excellent educators

Strategic Priority Team Leader:
Kendral Flowers
Wanda Etheridge
Jeanine Kittinger
Meagan Moss, Administrative Intern

Outcome 2.2 Support educators and administrators with employee evaluations to promote a culture of continuous improvement
Goal 1: To support teachers with the revised NCEES system while continuing to build a collaborative understanding of the elements
Goal 2: To utilize the Eleot walkthrough template to provide strategic feedback to teachers

Outcome 2.3 Ensure recruitment and retention of highly qualified staff
Goal 1:To provide a teacher support network and culture that will foster teacher retention
Goal 2: Ensure recruitment and retention of highly qualified staff

Data Points:
NCEES system for Teacher Evaluations
ELEOT walkthrough system
Administrative templates
Student -teacher artifacts

Strategic Priority 3: New Hope Elementary will establish and maintain up-to-date financial, business, and technology systems

Strategic Priority Team Leader:
Ashley Davis
Erin Rollins
Sherri Jernigan

Outcome 3.1 New Hope will maintain an infrastructure that supports classroom instruction
Goal 1: Support the use of technology within the classrooms
Goal 2: Increase the technology access per student ratio

Data Points:
Destiny System
NCESS Professional Development Report


Strategic Priority 4: New Hope will promote student health, safety, and responsibility

Strategic Priority Team Leaders:
Kendral Flowers
Wanda Etheridge
Meagan Moss, Administrative Intern

Outcome 4.2 Enhance Safety and Security protocols at New Hope

Goal 1:To strengthen our systems/protocols within our school to ensure total School Safety
Goal 2: Implement PBIS to promote positive student behavior

Data Points:
PBIS Discipline Data
TWC data for Student Discipline/School Safety responses


Strategic Priority 5: New Hope families, businesses, and community stakeholders are engaged and valued partners with our school

Strategic Priority Team Leaders:
Crystal Anderson
Kendral Flowers
Ellen Bergland
Rebecca Dixon

Outcome 5.1 Teachers will communicate effectively with parents through a variety of methods
Goal 1: To increase and enhance parent support within our schools
Goal 2: To increase parent portal usage

Data Points:
Parent surveys
District Volunteer Tracker information
Monthly Parent Portal reports



New Hope Elementary School will promote and support student accountability, collaboration of staff, parents, and community to develop our students' future.

Our mission at New Hope Elementary...

At New Hope Elementary School, all students will achieve their fullest potential in an environment that establishes rigor, motivates, and provides opportunities for students to be college and career ready!